Koruson 1

  • Sites: Sankraal, Coleskop, Phezukomova
  • Partners: H1 Holdings and Gibb-Crede
  • Location: Eastern Cape and Northern Cape
  • Awarded: 28 October 2021
  • FID: Q2 2022
  • COD: Q2 2024
  • Size: 420MW (3 x WEFs)

The Koruson 1 renewable energy project, currently under construction, outside Middelburg on the border of the Eastern and Northern Cape provinces, comprises three wind farms, namely Phezukomoya, San Kraal and Coleskop, each with installed capacities of 140 MW, totalling 420MW. It is being developed by a consortium led by EDF Renewables, together with local BEE partners, H1 Holdings, Gibb-Crede and a local community trust, and is part of Round 5 of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme.

The low-carbon renewable electricity produced each year by the three wind farms will help to meet the electricity needs of approximately 193,000 South African households.

Turbine blades and other components for the project being transported from Coega port to the Koruson 1 wind farm sites outside Middelburg and Noupoort. The components, which will supply 26 turbines on three windfarms in the area, total 237 blades. Each blade is 81.35m long x 3.8 m high at rotor end x 5.0 m at the widest point, with a weight of 28 tons.
The first foundation for the wind turbines on the Koruson 1 project being cast at Phezukomoya.
Casting the keystones for the turbine towers at the concrete tower factory in Middelburg.