Benefits of wind farms for landowners:
  • Diversified long-term revenue stream

    An EDF Renewables wind farm provides a landowner with predictable, long-term revenues backed by a global energy leader.

  • Trusted partner with a strong group track record

    EDF Renewables is a world leader in renewable electricity and is your partner for the lifetime of the project.

  • Contributing to local community

    The wind farm contributes towards local community initiatives to support local people and services in and around the wind farm site.


How we develop wind farms:

  • Selection of the most suitable sites country-wide
  • Screen the site for environmental impacts
  • Engage with landowners and secure sites
  • Apply for Environmental Authorization to build
  • Build the wind farm
  • Operate the wind farmland pay lease fees

Working with local people for a positive impact

We work closely with the communities surrounding our renewable projects. During the initial planning and construction stages, we will keep the community updated with the project’s progress and what to expect at each stage.

To support communities near our wind farms, each of our sites contributes a percentage of its revenue to spend on improvements in the local area and investment in local people. Supporting through education, developing skills, and providing direct community investment.